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Publication of DRH2004 papers

DRH2004 speakers are invited to submit their papers for publication in a special edition of the journal Literary and Linguistic Computing. The papers will, as with last year's conference papers, be published as a special edition of Literary and Linguistic Computing. The edition will be edited by Sheila Anderson and Alastair Dunning.

Timetable for submissions:

Intial submission of papers30 Nov 2004
Reviewing and comments to authors31 January 2005
Authors' final copies31 March 2005

Fuller instructions are available from http://www3.oup.co.uk/litlin/instauth/

However, please note manuscripts should be sent to

DRH Conference Proceedings
c/o AHDS
26-29 Drury Lane (3rd Floor)

Existing Publications

Selected papers from the DRH conferences have been published in a number of volumes by the Office for Humanities Communication, from which further details and an order form are available, and also by the OUP Journal Literary and Linguistic Computing